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The Stories We Believe

The stories we believe define us. Narrative arcs permeate our lives in the form of never ending circles. Why do we “become like our parents?” Or why does “history repeat itself?”

I believe everything comes full circle…which means a lot of life’s wisdom is the ability to perceive patterns.

There is something about GETTING OUT OF YOUR ENVIRONMENT that exposes your patterns.

It didn’t even take two days of being out of our house and on the road to notice certain things about ourselves. For instance, why do I feel a hum of stress like background noise at specific moments of the day?

My thoughts have felt more linear for some reason, or maybe easier to hear. After moving out of our house on Thursday, we took a few days in northern Minnesota on some family land to recover from the two week sprint of a move. It’s pretty quiet up here.

Quiet enough to hear ourselves….and I mean, HEAR ourselves. It’s scary how dull of hearing I was to my own voice.

“Maybe I’m worth it…”

I heard myself think that today while we were editing social media content.


I caught myself thinking that. Imagine, if that thought goes unchecked. If my life moved so fast that I just chose to avoid it.

What kind of storylines run through our head on a daily basis, that turn into a vortex spiraling into an internalized belief about themselves?

Which in turn, become cycles…

Which means I’ve probably said, “I hope I’m worth it” before….

I had to be removed from my environment and put in a quiet one in order to see a pattern for what it is.

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