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Peace with Unknowing in Our Best Friends Lawn

Am I good friend? My answer, I don’t think so. I don’t think I’ve ever been good at friendship. I’ve never had a very big capacity to give in my friendships….

But some way and somehow, I have extraordinarily good friends. And I mean people, who are actually GOOD AT FRIENDSHIP.

We are parked in our friends, Tony and Kates yard for the next week before we take off on august 9th. It feels like a week long sleep over.

We were talking tonight about pregnancy, as Kate herself is about twenty six weeks pregnant. Tony and Kate have chosen to have their baby’s gender be a surprise, and watching the process has definitely sold Taylor and I on probably doing the same if we have a child.

“I actually feel peace with not knowing,” she said.


Peace with not knowing. The words hit like an arrow dead in the chest….

Isn’t that why people are afraid of the dark? Darkness is synonymous with unknowing. It’s scary because I can’t see what’s in it.

But what if there is peace to be made with what I don’t know? What if I don’t need to know, in order to feel secure?

What if there is a way to live confidently unknowingly….

EDEN UPDATE : curtain fabric is here! This week we need to finish the curtains, open shelves, & final details. We can’t wait to show you guys the progress!

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