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Just three days before our launch date, we felt like we were ready to rocket into our destiny....but then Taylor tested positive for COVID.

How do you feel about inconveniences? In Taylors words, "it feels like that is all life is anymore."

I agree with her.

It has taken so much work to get here. Our girl, Taylor has been working long days of primarily tenuous manual labor putting the final touches on Eden. My wife has impressed me so much. I find myself eternally grateful that she's so mechanically minded and able to easily find solutions to inconveniences that make this lifestyle we've chosen what it is.

I'm trying to learn how to do what she does so naturally. I've never really allowed myself to be a problem solver. I think that it takes a specific "thought pattern muscle" to become good at actively finding solutions and not just having

the "I'll let someone else think of it muscle" to take over.

Now to the real jist of it, our trip is postponed another week or so. We are already four to six days into the symptoms so, hopefully it doesn't take much longer for our girl to recover. Her body aches have been very rough. No problems breathing as of now. We are grateful for care packages from Miss J (Taylors Mom)and messages of support from people who love us.

We will be posting the general route for our journey in the next few days. A PODCAST, and a few vlogs will be coming your way soon.

Send prayers for a quick recovery for Queen Tay Tay.



Song I listened to while writing this:

"Mary Janes Last Dance"- Tom Petty

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